GTM Slash Resistant Purses


Secure Purse offers a line of purses with delightful styles and with all new slash-resistant straps.  With all the pouches, compartments, and features you need in a purse, and now with amazing styles and colors, this new line will knock your socks off. Check them out here!



Roma Locking Leather Purses


These more modern purses provide all of the security necessary for packing heat, including discrete concealment pouches with locking zipper apparatuses, so your firearm will be safe in any situation:  At the restaurant with the family; shopping at the supermarket; walking home from work in the evening. The majority of these purses feature locking gun concealment pouches for your handgun's security. 


See all of our great styles today!

Bag Bling:


Bling your bag!  All new Bag Bling from Gun Tote'n Mamas now offers awesome inter-changeable accessories to balance your functional needs with your fashion desires.  All items in SHORT SUPPLY, so check it out HERE!

Montana West Designer Purses



Secure Purse is proud to introduce an all new line of fashionable gun concealment purses from our new provider, Montana West.  These fantastic products are made from a mix of 100% genuine leather and long-lasting man-made PU. leather, also known as "split leather" or "bicast leather."  This material is made with a split leather backing covered with a layer of polyurethane, applied to the surface and then embossed to create an artificially consistent texture that is easier to clean and maintain.  This gives these purses the strength and appearance of leather, combined with longer-lasting quality and a greater versatility for combinations with other materials.


Check them out here!